PI (Physik Instrumente) announced an XY scanner and positioner powered by small integrated direct-drive ultrasonic piezoceramic motors (a single axis version is also available).

The U-723 joins PI’s existing portfolio of linear stages. It provides more than 0.8” travel per axis (22x22mm), with a footprint of 42x42mm (1.6×1.6”). Its profile of 21mm (~0.8”) and miniaturized design allows for integration into existing systems, especially when space is limited. In addition to motion up to 200 mm/sec, the low inertia (direct drive, no rotating parts) allows for a start-stop behavior with settling times in the millisecond range. Displacement is generated in continuous sub-nanometric increments, leading to smooth motion with a dynamic range from 1µm/sec to 200mm/sec.

Incorporated optical linear encoders provide position feedback with 10 nanometers resolution. Higher resolution stages are also available from PI.

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