Without electric motors, industrial drive technology with its automated production processes would hardly be conceivable. IGBT semiconductor devices control electrical drives whose connection to the required insulation is realized via polymer optical fiber. HARTING offers users a solution option in IGBT control.

HARTING has developed a transmission principle which involves relocating the transceivers of the controller board into a pluggable module and thus integrates the optical interface according to the principle of “electrical plugging and optical transmission”.

HARTING uses solutions from the Han-Eco 10A series in automation for electrical plugging and as a system housing. The Han housing fulfils the increased requirements of the automation market and integrates optimal kink protection and strain relief for the fibers.

In addition, the printed circuit board in the Han housing can accommodate series resistors and supporting capacitors if required, in order to control the optical elements without error and prevent interference. The electrical contacts of the electrically connecting D-Sub mating face also resist wear caused by microvibrations and rougher shocks.


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