Molex introduced the Woodhead Super-Safeway Portable Power System, which combines Woodhead power boxes, Woodhead wiring devices and the Woodhead Safeway cable protector into a single integrated solution for indoor or outdoor applications.

The Woodhead Super-Safeway Power Boxes feature a vulcanized rubber enclosure that is resistant to shock, impact and corrosion. The boxes are 29 pounds and the aluminum legs give it a 6-inch ground clearance. It’s one of many features that makes the Woodhead Super Safeway Portable Power System compliant with UL, CSA, NEC and OSHA portable power delivery system standards for construction sites.

The boxes also feature color-coded straight-blade receptacles to help users balance their loads equally between phases, and a feed-through feature to allow multiple boxes to be placed on a single feeder.

The Woodhead wiring solutions include an angled outlet/GFCI outlet box, a 3-phase stringer set and a 50A power cord. The stringer receptacles also are color-coded to make 3-phase identification easier.

The Woodhead Safeway cable protection system has a 5-channel design that accommodates up to 1.25”-diameter cables (1.625” diameter cables center channel), and a hinged lid to provide access, placement and removal of all cables. The cable protector also has a 16,300-pound load capacity per tire, and a UV-stabilized material that resists exposure to sunlight.


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