ABB introduces IRB 1660ID arc welding robot

ABB Robotics has introduced the IRB 1660ID, its compact robot for arc welding and machine tending applications. The IRB 1660ID’s Integrated DressPack design makes it easier to program and simulate predictable cable movements than standard robots with externally routed cables. The compact footprint allows for more efficient robot cell layouts, saving valuable space on the factory floor.

To meet the growing demand for superior and even quality in arc welding applications, the IRB 1660ID features a stronger, more rigid upper arm, with a reach of 1.55 m and a payload of 6 kg. It is able to accommodate heavier weld torches, and provides improved wire feeding control near the arc to guarantee high volume production. This, combined with ABB‘s TrueMove technology and the motion process “Accuracy mode,” provides 0.05 mm path repeatability for welding results.

The Integrated DressPack allows the robot to move at maximum acceleration and speed, enabling fast and reliable movements ideal for machine tending applications. The risk of collision in confined spaces is also eliminated, and the combined 1,390° working range of axes 4, 5 and 6 provides agility inside CNC machines.

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