AutomationDirect releases Hydromode line of push-to-connect fittings and tubing

AutomationDirect has launched a line of push-to-connect fittings and tubing designed for potable water and beverage systems, including applications such as brewing, coffee/drink dispensing, soup and liquid food production, and municipal/residential water treatment. HydroMode push-to-connect fittings are designed for use with polyethylene and other flexible tubing; all fittings are made of NSF approved materials with NSF-51 and NSF-61 certifications. Rated for up to 145psi at 70°C (158°F), the body and collet of the fittings are made from acetal, while the O-rings are made of synthetic rubber; optional retaining clips prevent accidental tube removal.

Made in the USA, HydroMode polyethylene (PE) tubing, available in 100 to 1,000-foot packages, is designed for use with potable water and beverages. This tubing is NSF-61 certified, has a Shore A 98 hardness rating, and works well with HydroMode push-to-connect fittings.

HydroMode reinforced PVC hose incorporates a polyester spiraled yarn which allows use in higher pressure applications. It is Phthalate free and NSF 61 certified.

HydroMode lead-free brass fittings are hose barbs with male NPT threads designed for use in potable water and beverage applications. Sold in three-packs, these hose barb adapters work well with PVC hose and stainless steel hose clamps.

Additional NITRA brass fittings have also been added. Machined from quality brass bar stock, they work well with air, water, oil, oxygen, nitrogen and argon. With a maximum pressure of 800psi, fittings are available in most styles and sizes; the fittings all have NPT threaded connections.

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