Axiomtek partners with SYSCON-PlantStar to facilitate Asian manufacturing

SYSCON-PlantStar—a real-time machine data acquisition systems provider—is forming a partnership with Axiomtek to support PlantStar’s U.S.-based customers with manufacturing facilities in Asia. The alliance is an extension of a relationship between the companies as Axiomtek supplies components for PlantStar hardware.

Axiomtek is a design and manufacturing company in the industrial and embedded computer field. The company also employs an international service network. SYSCON-PlantStar’s plant monitoring and data acquisition systems are ideally suited for companies that are establishing facilities in Asia.

Many of PlantStar’s U.S. customers with facilities in Asia are manufacturers of plastic and metal components for industrial and consumer use. However, for companies that manufacture medical parts in Asia, SYSCON-PlantStar specializes in helping facilities meet or exceed FDA certification requirements with traceability through barcoding, process analysis and recording, reporting of labor and materials, and digital documentation.

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