Calibration and Metrology Compensation Survey

Survey Methodology

Fluke Calibration sponsored and created this survey. Invitations were circulated via email and on social media. The survey included 17 questions about respondents’ geographic location; type of organization, industry, and lab; gender; job title; education and years of experience; salary; and workload. Salary estimates listed below are based on median values by volume of pay ranges selected.

How 2018 differs from last year

By comparing this year’s results with prior-year data, interesting changes can be noted. This year we saw more females in our sample, growing 5 points to represent 11% of all respondents in 2018. While last year females tended to be newer to the industry, this year we saw more even diversity between years of service for females.

Last year we neglected to include Associates or Technical Degree in our education mix, which proved to be an important distinction in 2018 results. This year 49% of respondents reported this degree type as their highest education level.

Average reported yearly pay is showing signs of potential growth. Prior-year mode response centralized in the “Less than $50,000” category. This year the most-reported bracket was “$65,001 – $80,000.”

Number of calibrations per year also shows signs of year-over-year growth. Last year 22% of our sample reported performing less than 1,000 calibrations per year. This year that number shrank to 9%, while our “5,000 – 10,000” category grew 8 points to 26% and “more than 10,000” category increased 4 points to 34% (now our most-reported category).

Last year, the highest-paid industries reported were “Process Industries (not oil and gas),” “Electrical Power Generation, Transportation and Distribution,” and “Pharmaceutical.” This year, employees from the “Electrical Power Generation” and “Transportation and Distribution” industries reported salaries 13% higher than previously reported. “Process Industries (not oil and gas)” salaries appeared to be flat year-over-year, while “Other Healthcare” and “Defense Contractor” industries emerged as among the higher-paid industries this year.

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