Emerson announces Plantweb Insight applications with Pervasive Sensing

Emerson’s Plantweb Insight applications, which leverage Emerson’s Pervasive Sensing strategies, is designed to help users make sense of plant data to drive overall enterprise profitability. It’s a single web-based platform that automatically and strategically interprets plant data through a scalable suite of applications.

Pervasive Sensing uses the power of sensing technologies to provide continuous, real-time data that power Plantweb Insight applications to support customers’ operational programs in key performance areas such as safety, production, and energy and emissions management.

Plantweb Insight features an interface capable of running on any device with access to a web browser (desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones). Pre- built analytics require minimal configuration, and its software is operating system- independent

Using Plantweb Insight, users can identify abnormal situations and inefficiencies, recognizing optimum maintenance times, and track asset health to identify and prevent failures before they occur.

The power of Plantweb Insight resides in its collection of applications, each containing the embedded domain expertise and analytics that enable existing resources to identify and resolve asset issues that historically were addressed by periodic, manual rounds or unexpected failures. These applications are designed to help users realize the most from Pervasive Sensing strategies at their sites.

More than a dozen total applications are scheduled for release, with each dedicated to a single, specific asset class. The first three applications are available now and future applications will be released at a rate of two per quarter.

Plantweb Insight is currently available with applications for steam trap monitoring, pump monitoring and pressure gauge monitoring. Future applications include:

  • Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Insight
  • Asset/Location Insight
  • Corrosion Insight
  • Electrical Equipment Insight
  • Heat Exchanger Insight
  • Hydrocarbon Leak Insight
  • Mass Flow Insight
  • Power Module Insight
  • Pressure Relief Device Insight
  • Safety Shower Insight
  • Wireless Network Insight


Steam Trap Insight

Steam Trap Insight identifies steam trap failures using wireless acoustic transmitters to remotely monitor steam traps. Visibility of all steam traps allows manual rounds to be eliminated.

Steam trap leaks can account for 5 to10 percent of total energy costs for a plant. In steam systems that have not been maintained for three to five years, as many as 15 to 30 percent of installed steam traps may have failed without maintenance personnel being aware. One plant, Denka Chemicals Singapore, realized a 7 percent reduction in steam demand after identifying 24 steam traps as having failed and an additional two to three failures per month as well as flank leaks and bypass valve passing. They are now monitoring nearly 150 steam traps.


Pump Insight

Pump Insight provides predictive health monitoring aimed at identifying and diagnosing the underlying problems that lead to pump deterioration and failure. Through monitoring and analyzation of temperature, vibration, efficiency, pressure and deviation data, wireless, real-time insight into cavitation and pump health is generated and visually provided to plant personnel This early detection of potential pump failures enables corrective measures to be enacted before plant performance is adversely impacted or safety and environmental issues occur.


Pressure Gauge Insight

Working in tandem with Emerson’s Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge, this application visually delivers readings, enabling remote collection of field data as frequently as once per minute. Wireless readings keep operators updated on changing field conditions remotely.

The gauge itself, a WirelessHART pressure gauge, utilizes piezoresistive sensor technology to deliver reliable pressure readings. The gauge, which has a 10-year life, is designed to eliminate common weak points found in mechanical gauges through the removal of components that inhibit the device from displaying pressure.


About Plantweb

Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem is an Industrial IoT portfolio that extends the power of automation beyond process control to the entire enterprise. The ecosystem supports Emerson’s Operational Certainty program. It meets four needs to do this: real-time operating data across the business, secure transport of that data where it is needed, scalable software applications to convert that data into actionable insights, and the domain expertise to make decisions and drive outcomes. The Plantweb digital ecosystem features real-time visibility from Pervasive Sensing technologies, protected by Secure First Mile connectivity. Applications including Plantweb Insight, Plantweb Advisor and the AMS ARES Platform provide embedded domain expertise across the enterprise.

About Emerson

Emerson is a global technology and engineering company providing solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. The Emerson Automation Solutions business helps process, hybrid, and discrete manufacturers maximize production, protect personnel and the environment.

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