Kitagawa NorthTech introduces Digital Grip Force Analyzer PC software

Kitagawa NorthTech introduced their Digital Grip Force Analyzer Software and Kit (PC Version) for machine tool users and machine shops. The gripping force provided by the workholding and chucking solution is designed to assist in machining parts.

One common issue is parts slipping in the chuck, which in turn reduces cycle times, productivity and profits and causes safety issues. Determining gripping force of the workholding in CNC lathes and turning centers has always been difficult for machine tool users. The Digital Grip Force Analyzer software and kit from Kitagawa NorthTech allows users to analyze and measure grip force performance of their CNC lathes and turning centers via a desktop PC, laptop or tablet. If gripping force issues exist, users can take proactive and corrective measures to identify and solve these problems with the Digital Grip Force Analyzer software and kit from Kitagawa NorthTech.

In addition to the Analyzer software package, Kitagawa NorthTech provides a total solution for machine tool users to simplify performing process and service diagnostics on the machining equipment. The Digital Grip Force Analyzer software PC version from Kitagawa NorthTech comes bundled as a kit with rugged carrying case, Bluetooth dongle loaded with PC analyzer software, digital load meter…and the traditional handheld pendant for manual diagnostics, testing and measurement.

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