Nemalux announces acquisition of CRS Electronics

The Nemalux Group of Companies has acquired all IP of CRS Electronics.  CRS Electronics once had a market value of over 100 million dollars on the TSX (LED).  With this acquisition, Nemalux continues to grow and position itself.  The CRS patents and IP offer Nemalux access to the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) market using existing lighting infrastructure. Some of the enhanced company services included OEM services and customized LED solutions.  Nemalux is also able to offer lighting sensors and controls wired or wireless.The sale to Nemalux includes the sale of certain intellectual property including, but not limited to, an assignment of US patents and trademarks, all designs and designs in progress, prototypes, samples, data, models, bills of materials, customer lists, manufacturing information regarding molds, tooling, tool designs, manufacturing know-how such as production process, quality assurance and testing procedures, materials and supplier information. source:automation