SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters

Integrated functionality

SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters are a generation of special load feeders with the integrated functionality of a motor starter protector, contactor and electronic overload relay. In addition, various functions of optional mountable accessories (e. g. auxiliary switches, surge suppressors) are already integrated in the SIRIUS compact starter.

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Integrated functionality

SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters are a generation of special load feeders with the integrated functionality of a motor starter protector, contactor and electronic overload relay. In addition, various functions of optional mountable accessories (e. g. auxiliary switches, surge suppressors) are already integrated in the SIRIUS compact starter.

SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters with integrated motor starter protector/circuit breaker, contactor and solid-state overload relay functionality


SIRIUS compact starters can be used wherever standard three-phase motors or resistive loads up to 32 A (approx. 15 kW/400 V) are directly started or switched.

The compact starters are not suitable for the protection of DC loads.

SIRIUS compact starters have been approved in accordance with IEC, UL, CSA and CCC standards.

Very high operational reliability

The high short-circuit breaking capacity and defined shut-down when the end of service life is reached means a very high level of operational reliability that would otherwise have only been possible with considerable additional outlay. This sets the SIRIUS compact starter apart from devices with similar functionality.

Safe disconnection

The auxiliary switches (NC contacts) of the 3RA6 compact starters are designed as mirror contacts. This enables their use for safe disconnection – e.g. EMERGENCY-STOP up to SIL 1 (IEC 62061) or PL c (ISO 13849-1) or, if used in conjunction with an additional infeed contactor, up to SIL 3 (IEC 62061) or PL e (ISO 13849-1).

Communications integration through AS-Interface

To enable communications integration through AS-Interface there is an AS-i add-on module available in several versions for mounting instead of the control circuit terminals on the SIRIUS compact starter.

The design of the AS-i add-on module permits a group of up to 62 feeders with a total of four cables to be connected to the control system. This reduces wiring work considerably compared to the parallel wiring method.

Communications integration using IO‑Link

Up to four compact starters in IO‑Link version (reversing and direct-on-line starters) can be connected together and conveniently linked to the IO‑Link master through a standardized IO-Link connection.

The IO-Link connection enables a high density of information in the local range.

For details of the communication connection using IO-Link, see Communications overview.

The diagnostics data of the process collected by the 3RA6 compact starter, e.g. short circuit, end of service life, limit position, etc., are not only indicated on the compact starter itself but also transmitted to the higher-level control system through IO‑Link.

Thanks to the optionally available operator panel, which can be installed in the control cabinet door, it is easy to control the 3RA6 compact starters with IO‑Link from the control cabinet door.

Permanent wiring/easy replacement

Using the SIRIUS infeed system for 3RA6 it is possible to carry out the wiring in advance without a compact starter needing to be connected.

A compact starter is very easily replaced simply by pulling it out of the device without disconnecting the wiring.

Even with screw connections or mounting on a standard mounting rail there is no need to disconnect any wiring (on account of the removable main and control circuit terminals) in order to replace a compact starter.

Consistent solution from the infeed to the motor feeder

The SIRIUS infeed system for 3RA6 with integrated PE bar is offered as a user-friendly possibility of feeding in summation currents up to 100 A with a maximum conductor cross-section of 70 mm² and connecting the motor cable directly without additional intermediate terminals.

Screw and spring-loaded terminals

The SIRIUS compact starters and the SIRIUS infeed system for 3RA6 are available with screw and spring-loaded connections.

System configurator for engineering

A free system configurator is available to reduce further the amount of engineering work for selecting the required compact starters and matching infeed.

Use of load feeders in conjunction with IE3/IE4 motors


For the use of SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters in conjunction with highly energy-efficient IE3/IE4 motors, please observe the information on dimensioning and configuring, see Application Manual.

Types of infeed for the 3RA6 fuseless compact starters

On the whole four different infeed possibilities are available:

  • Parallel wiring
  • Use of three-phase busbars (combination with SIRIUS motor starter protectors and SIRIUS contactors possible)
  • 8US busbar adapters
  • SIRIUS infeed system for 3RA6

To comply with the clearance and creepage distances demanded according to UL 508 there are the following infeed possibilities:

Type of infeed

Infeed terminal (according to UL 508, type E)


Parallel wiring

Terminal block for “Self-Protected Combination Motor Controller
(Type E)”


Three-phase busbar

Three-phase infeed terminal for constructing “Type E Starters”, UL 508


Infeed system for 3RA6

Infeed on left, 50/70 mm2, screw terminal with 3 sockets, outgoing terminal with screw/spring-loaded connections, including PE bar

3RA6813‑8AB (screw terminals),

3RA6813‑8AC (spring-loaded terminals)

SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters

SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters are universal motor feeders according to IEC 60947‑6‑2. As control and protective switching devices (CPS) they can connect, convey and disconnect the thermal, dynamic and electrical loads from short-circuit currents up to Iq = 53 kA, i.e. they are practically weld-free. They combine the functions of a motor starter protector, a contactor and a solid-state overload relay in one enclosure. The 45-mm-wide direct-on-line starters and 90-mm-wide reversing starters are available as variants.

The reversing starter version comes with not only an internal electrical interlock but also with a mechanical interlock to prevent simultaneous actuation of both directions of rotation.

The compact starters have isolating features in accordance with IEC 60947-2 and can be used as disconnector units (main control switch according to EN 60204 or VDE 0113). Isolation is effected by moving the handle into the “OFF” position; disconnection by means of the control contacts is not enough.

3RA6 fuseless compact starters are available in five current setting ranges. The 3RA61 and 3RA62 have two control voltage ranges (AC/DC), and the 3RA64 and 3RA65 have one control voltage range (DC):

Current setting range

At 400 V AC for three-phase motors
standard output

Rated control supply voltage for

3RA61, 3RA62 compact starters

3RA64, 3RA65 compact starters for IO-Link





0.1 … 0.4


110 … 240


0.32 … 1.25


1 … 4


3 … 12


8 … 32



The 3RA2 load feeders can be used for fuseless load feeders > 32 A up to 65 A. Load feeders in size S3 up to 100 A are available for self-assembly.

The SENTRON 3VL circuit breakers and the SIRIUS 3RT contactors can be used for fuseless load feeders > 100 A.

Operating conditions

The SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters are suitable for use in any climate. They are intended for use in enclosed rooms in which no severe operating conditions (such as dust, caustic vapors, hazardous gases) prevail. Suitable covers must be provided for installation in dusty and damp locations.

The SIRIUS compact starters are generally designed to degree of protection IP20. The permissible ambient temperature during operation is -20 to +60 °C.

The rated short-circuit current Ics according to IEC 60947‑6‑2 is 53 kA at 400 V.


The maximum permissible short-circuit currents of the device versions for the various line system configurations and voltages are available upon request from Technical Support:

Overload tripping times

The tripping time in the event of overload can be set on the device to normal starting conditions (CLASS 10) and to heavy starting conditions (CLASS 20). As the breaker mechanism still remains closed after an overload, resetting is possible by either local Manual RESET or Auto RESET1) after three minutes cooling time.

With auto reset, there is no need to open the control cabinet.

Diagnostics options

The compact starter provides the following diagnostics options:

  • With LEDs
    • Connection to the control voltage
    • Position of the main contacts
  • With mechanical display
    • Tripping due to overload
    • Tripping due to short circuit
    • Tripping due to malfunction (end of service life reached because of worn switching contacts or a worn switching mechanism or faults in the control electronics)

These states can also be evaluated in the higher-level control system:

  • With parallel wiring using the integrated auxiliary and signaling switches of the compact starter
  • With AS-Interface or IO-Link in even greater detail using the respective communication interface

Four complement versions for 3RA61 and 3RA62 compact starters

  • For standard mounting rail or screw fixing:
    basic version including one pair of main circuit terminals and one pair of control circuit terminals
  • For standard mounting rail or screw fixing when using the AS-i add-on module:
    without control circuit terminals because the AS-i add-on module is plugged on instead
  • For use with the infeed system for 3RA6:
    without main circuit terminals because they are supplied with the infeed system and the expansion modules
  • For use with the infeed system for 3RA6 and the AS-i add-on module:
    without terminal complement (also for reordering when replacing the compact starter)

The control circuit terminals are always required by the compact starters for IO-Link; the main circuit terminals depend on the use of the infeed system.

1) The auto-RESET function is not available for versions 3RA6120-.B/.C with a rated current of 1.25 A and 3RA6250-.B/-.C with a rated current of 4 A. The reset can be alternatively carried out by disconnecting the supply voltage A1/A2 via the NC contacts 95/96 (overload signaling contact). The auto-RESET function is provided with this circuitry.

More components of the 3RA6

Apart from the control supply voltage, “Overload” (1 CO) and “Short circuit / Function fault” (1 NO) signaling contacts are already integrated into the 3RA61/3RA62 – and lockable via two 6-pole removable control circuit terminals. The 3RA61 has two auxiliary contacts (1 NO + 1 NC) for displaying the position of the main contacts. Unlike the 3RA61 direct-on-line starter, the 3RA62 reversing starter has one auxiliary contact (1 NO) per direction of rotation per main contact.

Available for the 3RA61 and 3RA64 direct-on-line starters is a slot for an optional auxiliary switch (optionally 2 NO, 2 NC or 1 NO + 1 NC) and for the 3RA62 and 3RA65 reversing starters there are two slots (for auxiliary switches, see Accessories).

Positively-driven operation of the auxiliary contacts

Positively driven operation between individual auxiliary circuits exists for the compact starter in the version as a direct-on-line starter for parallel wiring (3RA61) between the auxiliary circuits of the NC contacts (NC 21‑22) and the NO contacts (NO 13‑14) in the basic unit.

In addition, the optional auxiliary switch offers positively driven contacts in the 3RA6913‑1A version, each with one normally closed contact and one normally open contact.




  • Simple usage – from individual compact starters or also with corresponding infeed system and AS‑i connection
  • In the final configuration, you will be presented with additional technical information such as CAD data and product data sheets as well as characteristic curves, operating instructions, manuals etc.

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