RS-485 Wireless I/O Module

The 2.4G WISE-4000 from Advantech provides a complete wireless I/O solution.

he module can be used without a gateway to provide information. With integrated digital input and RS-485 in the same module, it provides a flexible combination of I/O to acquire digital signal and data from Modbus/RTU slave devices. The RS-485 port can also support data log functions from Modbus/RTU slave devices with time stamp, preventing data loss compared to traditional transparent Ethernet COM ports (virtual COM of serial device server). Five modules are available: the WISE-4051 eight channel digit input IoT wireless I/O module with 1 RS-485 port; the WISE-4012 four channel universal input, two channel digital output Wireless I/O module; the WISE-4050 four channel digital input, four channel digital output wireless I/O module; the WISE-4060 four channel digital input, four channel relay output wireless I/O module; and the WISE-4012E six channel input/output wireless I/O module with Web access.

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