Servomex has announced the launch of the SERVOPRO MonoExact DF310E: a digital oxygen analyzer that combines a trace-level measurement with performance and operational benefits

Designed into a platform created specifically for the industrial gas market, the MonoExact DF310E is optimized for the measurement of trace oxygen in various IG applications including nitrogen, argon and hydrogen production, tanker transfilling, specialty gas blending and electronic gases verification. And while the MonoExact DF310E offers a number of advantages over its predecessor, the DF-310E, a fully-backwards compatible design makes upgrading to the new analyzer simple for existing DF-310E users.

PPM oxygen measurements are delivered through the performance of Servomex’s Coulometric sensor, delivering the same oxygen measurement as its predecessor in a more user-friendly platform.

Percentage oxygen measurements are made available through Servomex’s Paramagnetic sensing technology, and the MonoExact DF310E also offers integration with the forthcoming SERVOTOUGH AquaExact 1688 aluminum oxide (Al2O3) moisture sensor. Available early 2017, the AquaXact 1688 enables two simultaneous measurements for oxygen and moisture, giving users even greater application flexibility.

The MonoExact DF310E utilizes Servomex’s touchscreen user interface for hands-on control via the high brightness display.

Operational flexibility is delivered through compatibility and communications options: the MonoExact DF310E is fully backward-compatible with existing DF-310E installations by offering compatible hardware wiring inputs and gas inlets, and complies with existing standards and customer agreements. The introduction of native digital communications, including Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP and Profibus alongside the standard analog and digital outputs (4-20mA, RS232 and RS485), means all advanced digital protocols are available for communication capability.

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