SyTech announces strategic partnership with Tatsoft

SyTech, a provider of automated report generation and data analysis software for industry, announced that Tatsoft has become a SyTech Strategic Partner providing integration between the XLReporter and FactoryStudio.

Tatsoft is the developer of FactoryStudio, an HMI-SCADA platform built with pure Microsoft.NET that supports native PC, Tablet, Web, iPad, iPhone, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Cloud environments. With an interface that leaves the old client/server Win32 GUI behind, FactoryStudio looks and navigates like a website.

With XLReporter’s custom connectors to FactoryStudio and point-and-click configuration, Users create informative drill-down, summary, utilization and regulatory reports from real-time, historical and alarm data. Completed reports are distributed via web pages, networked printers, PDF files and email.


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