Technology Innovation Pioneers (TIP)

Hannover Messe International Industrial Exhibition 2018 concludes

The Technology and Innovation Platform (TIP), which is an initiative run by the Ministry of Economy and the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Abu Dhabi, participated lately in Hannover Messe International Industrial Exhibition 2018 which was concluded yesterday. The TIP’s corner included several bodies that are concerned with the development of the innovation system, these were: The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp), the United Arab Emirates University, Abu Dhabi Police, private sector companies, individuals and students.

During the event a number of key meetings were held with the business incubators of the startups in various fields, most notably the business incubator that specializes in health technology in Germany. In these meetings the participants discussed the possible ways of cooperation between the incubators systems and how to take advantage of the current experience and practices of the incubator in Germany, as well as the plans to set up new incubators in the United Arab Emirates that operate in the same area to support the country’s effort to create a knowledge-based economy.

Through the TIP platform, the participating bodies met with the Research, Innovation and Technology Authority, the Research and Development Platform and Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania, a northern European country. In the meeting participants exchanged experiences and introduced their technology and innovation pioneers platforms. They also discussed mutual cooperation and the use of research networks and research universities collaboratively to achieve results in the implementation of technology in order to develop the current technology system and link it to the rest of the world.

Also through the TIP platform Takamul Program participated in many activities that focus on supporting technology and innovation. Engineer Faisal Al Hammoudi, Director of the Innovation and Incubators Department at the DED, gave a presentation at the Technology Implementation Forum which was organized on the sidelines of the Exhibition. In the presentation, Engineer Al Hammoudi explained the work mechanism that the Program offers, whether it is the registration of patents, the implementation of technology or the support of startups, and addressed the most prominent inventions that are registered in the Program.

On the other hand, His Excellency Suhail Al Mazrou’I, the Minister of Energy and Industry, visited the TIP’s corner accompanied by His Excellency Ali Al Ahmad, the UAE Ambassador to Germany, and a number of senior state officials. During the visit, Mr. Salem Bin Shabib, Innovation and Incubators Consultant at the DED, explained the work mechanism and services that are offered by the TIP to support technology and inventors in the UAE. In addition to that, students of the UAE University showcased their inventions.

Those in charge of the TIP’s corner in Hannover Messe 2018 also visited the platform of one of the participating German international companies which specializes in lasers. The aim of the visit was to discuss ways of cooperation in the field of research and development and to provide support for the scientific experiments, especially the emerging scientific experiments, in order to test its success and the possibility of turning them into successful applied models in the state.

Moreover, Takamul team visited one of the Dutch companies that specializes in satellite "nanotechnology” in order to discuss the possibility of transferring knowledge and cooperate with the incubators and startups that operate in the space arena. In addition to that, the team also met with Statista Company in its headquarters in Hamburg where the two sides discussed cooperation in the field of technology evaluation studies, as well as the provision of statistical studies in the field of technology and compare the same with the existing market.

Mr. Khalfan Al Suwaidi, Director of the International Patent Registration Office at the Ministry of Economy, said that the participation in Hannover Messe this year helps reinforce communication between the Center’s operations and its major outputs, i.e. the inventors and the patents associated with their inventions, as well as the technical and technological details that are related to such inventions and how they are assessed and registered.

On his part, Mr. Salem Abdalla Bin Shabib, Innovation and Incubators Consultants, said that the participation of the Innovation System, represented by the TIP and its supporting partners, is considered a key step toward taking advantage of the transfer and implementation of technology in the targeted sectors in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Such effort plays a major role in helping the targeted sectors shift to knowledge-based economy.

Dr. Asma’ Ibrahim Al Manna’I, Director of the Healthcare Quality Department at the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, said: “The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi participates in Hannover Messe as part of the Technology and Innovation Platform based on its interest in the latest developments in technology and the major scientific innovations in the field of health. Knowledge gained through such participation will help the Department increase the quality of its medical services and enable the implementation of the latest medical technologies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi”.

Through its participation in the 2018 Hannover Messe, the TIP organized several tours for the inventors and the students of the UAE University in coordination with Deutsche Messe to introduce them to key exhibitors and give them a chance to learn from their experience.

In addition to that, the UAE University’s students toured around the various corners of the Exhibition where they visited the Dutch corner which included over 40 inventors, 4 universities and 20 startups, and learned about the opportunities that students in the Netherlands have. The corner featured over 200 exhibitors who specialize in robot making, such as Coca, Franca Emica, Yasakawi and Yamaha.

As part of its keenness to evaluate the inventors and innovators that participated in its corner at Hannover Messe, the TIP conducted a survey to learn about their opinions, remarks and ideas regarding the Exhibition and to measure the success of such participation. The participating inventors and innovators expressed their happiness to take part in the event and pointed out that it helped them acquire new knowledge and experience, learn about the latest inventions and technology and how they are applied in the industry sector. They also thanked the Ministry of Energy and Industry as well as the DED for giving them the chance to showcase their inventions and helping them activate their role in building a knowledge-based economy.

In the event, Engineer and Inventor Mariam Musallam, a project manager in the DED’s Innovation and Incubators Sector, was selected as one of the 15 top nominees in the Engineer Women Power Program.