Turck introduces Meltric connector cable assemblies

To improve worker safety in industrial environments, Turck introduceD its preassembled Meltric connector offering with arc protection.

To protect against arcing, the Meltric series connectors feature spring-loaded demating technology inside an enclosed arc chamber, along with mating and demating shutters to shield users from live parts. This design allows users to safely connect and disconnect the devices under load. For additional safety, these connectors will only mate with their designated connector class, and demate and break load by the push of a button directly on the connector.

Each Meltric connector is switch and horsepower rated, so one device can be used as both a connector and disconnect switch. This streamlines operations by removing the need for a separate disconnect switch in applications that require a line-of-sight disconnect. In addition, the connector can also be used as a lockout/tagout device.

Turck’s preassembled Meltric connectors are IP66 and IP67 rated. The connectors are available in 20 amp, 30 amp and 60 amp versions, which include variations with auxiliary contacts. The offering has standard connectors that carry UL, CSA and IEC listings, and is also available with connectors that carry hazardous location approvals. The hazardous location connectors are rated to ATEX Category 2 for gases and dust, and IECEx zone 1, and also carry CSA Class I, Division 2 and Class II, Division 2 as well as CSA Class I Zone 1 and Class II Zone 21 (for US and Canada).

About Turck

Turck is a pioneer in industrial automation technology, providing customers with a comprehensive line of quality and advanced technology products in a fast, flexible and accurate manner.

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