Turck releases Minifast connector expansion

Turck has released an expansion to its Minifast offering to provide customers with a more robust solution than currently is available on the market. The new Turck Minifast HD cordset offering also carries hazardous location approvals and is the first of its kind to offer an ATEX approved connector in a complete cable assembled package. Additionally, this product offering includes mating ATEX approved receptacles, junction boxes and lockfast guards. The new offering is an ideal solution for customers in a variety of applications including gas turbines, skids, compressors, and shipboard applications.

While previous ATEX connector solutions typically come as complex and expensive field wireables, the Minifast HD offering provides the convenience and reliability of a full connector assembly at a much lower cost than current solutions. Additionally, these products utilize our Extremelife-60 cables with FT4 and IEC 60332-3-22 flame compliance to provide the ultimate solution for extreme applications.

“We heard from many of our process automation customers that were looking for a more reliable and cost-effective ATEX approved solution, as it is becoming more of a demand for them,” said Jay Bartsias, Senior Product Manager for Connectivity. “Also, thanks to the connector’s fully potted metal body and its ability to bond with many different cable types, we can see potential for this solution to be used in a variety of applications.”

The Turck Minifast HD solution carries an ATEX Ex nA Category 3 approval as well as a US AEx nA Zone 2 approval. The Minifast HD offering also carries NEMA 1, 3, 4, and 6P and is IEC IP67 and IP68 rated. 

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