Weidmuller’s new THM MultiMark Printer Marking System

Weidmuller introduces the new MultiMark, a thermal transfer printer marking system with an innovative capability to meet a full range of customers’ labelling requirements for control cabinets or equipment build settings. The new all-in-one printer marking system incorporates a new range of marking solutions that would normally require several different printing devices. The MultiMark printer marking system consists of the compact and modular THM MultiMark thermal transfer printer and an innovative line of reel formatted MultiMark markers to fit onto modular terminal blocks, wire and cable, and equipment. Used with Weidmuller’s M-Print® PRO printing software, the THM MultiMark Printer gives the user the capability to produce virtually any type of alpha-numeric and symbol identification.

The THM MultiMark Printer is highly versatile. It prints markers and labels from the MultiMark marker family as well as continuous materials such as textile/polyester adhesive labels, heat-shrink wire/cable sleeves and PLC-field panel adapter labels. To print endless heat-shrink and adhesive labels, there is a printer option for adding an automated cutting and perforation tool. Incorporating this tool simplifies the process of cutting continuous materials into required lengths. An intuitive touch display and easy-to-read status indicators – in 22 languages – make printer operation simple. Weighing in at just 7 pounds, the THM MultiMark Printer is highly portable and can be used for on-site and off-site custom marker production. It produces markers that are resistant to internal/external (industrial) influences with a print resolution of 300 dpi, for easy-to-read identification, and is capable of printing 250 markers per minute. The THM MultiMark printer marking system is ideal for users who have both small and medium custom print volumes and want a more efficient and cost effective means of producing custom markers for terminals, wire and cable, and equipment.


The MultiMark marker system includes 150 new marking products, which can be used to cover virtually all identification requirements in a control cabinet or equipment build setting.  Weidmuller’s renowned Dekafix and WS modular terminal block markers, made with new composite material and designed as continuous strips, have been added to offer simple and efficient markers that are highly resistant to both vibration and shock. The rigid plastic base ensures that the marker can be reliably snapped into place, and the easy-to-grip elastic outer material makes installation easier.


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