Innovative WiFi Hour Meter uses ‘Internet of Things’ technology remotely read hour meter on any powered equipment

Introducing WiFi Hour Meter

How many hours a year do you and your team spend checking the runtimes on all the various pieces of equipment you have? Just think of the cost and lost revenue if a piece of equipment breaks down because routine maintenance was not preformed when it was due. Do you have to pay a monthly fee to some cloud-based software to collect runtime data? What if you could have a consistent and easy way of accurately collecting data on all your offline equipment without monthly fees?

Now with Linortek’s WiFi Hour Meter (WiHM) you can connect your off-line equipment to your network through WiFi and collect real-time data with alerts when a preset hour is reached for maintenance and all of this without a monthly fee.

The WiHM is a self-contained, WiFi enabled, custom developed device that can be used on all types of equipment to monitor the usage, temperature, voltage and more. With the WiHM you can insure proper maintenance and receive notifications when service is required, thus eliminating the need to physically visit equipment to collect data. It’s a simple, reliable and affordable solution for industrial, manufacturing, airport, golf course and equipment rental companies to collect runtime data for any equipment such as machinery, motorized ground equipment, golf carts, forklifts, etc.
The WiHM connects to the LAN through WiFi. Once the equipment passes the WiFi connection points, it will automatically connect and report its current runtime data. Looking for a cost-effective solution for your stationary equipment such as machinery, pumps, generators? We have you covered! Check our Network Hour Meter!
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