World Congress on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research 2020

26 October 2020   –   27 October 2020
Zurich, Switzerland

We warmly invite all the researchers and experts from the Artificial Intelligence sector all over the world to attend “The World Congress On Artificial Intelligence And Robotics Research’’ which is going to held on October 26-27, 2020 at Zurich, Switzerland.

Conferences and meetings are the only platform from which can learn and exchange the knowledge. The conference aims to bring academic leading scientist, Eminent Business persons, researchers and research scholars together to exchange and share their experiences. By attending this conference, you have more chance to grow career-wise and Your presence at our conference is much appreciated.

Artificial Intelligence 2020 includes oral talks, poster presentation, workshops, keynote presentations and exhibitors. We are thrilled to bring together a community of individuals dedicated to transforming the technologies in a different way.

This international conference will provide a platform to budding researchers to share their thoughts and experience towards the betterment of the quality of life. Let us share the knowledge and experiences in the artificial technology for the inventions which is useful in our daily life.

We are glad to welcome you all to join and register for the Artificial Intelligence 2020 and submit your abstracts at earliest.      

Oranizing committee
Artificial intelligence 2020

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